Sylvia Kroeger CCHt

Posted January 10th, 2015 in Staff by Justin Hawker


Sylvia has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2002, when she graduated from the Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy. Her experience over the past 12 years has included practices in Colorado, California, and Iowa. She enjoys helping people discover the greatness that lies within them. What she loves about accessing the subconscious mind through trance is that it results in changes in peoples’ lives that are not only quick, but are long lasting.

“My job as a hypnotherapist is as a facilitator in the process the client is going through to release themselves from the grip of old memories of trauma, pain, or habits and patterns. The process always belongs to the client and it is an honor to be a part of it.”

Cellular Release Technique is her primary method, but she uses Simple Relaxation, Conference Room, Reconnecting with the Higher Self, and many other systems to adapt the sessions for the particular client’s needs.

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