Shamanism in Western Medicine

Posted August 7th, 2010 in blog by Candice

By  Janie Peterlin
Physicians must reconnect with their own personal, emotional, and spiritual self. Dr David Cumes comments on this: “It is ego that leads physicians to believe they know best.. It is ego that enjoys the patient who shuts up, follows instructions, and falls into the role of passive victim with the disease. Many physicians become disconnected from their spiritual self because of the rigors of their profession, and are thus incapable of ‘seeing’ the souls of their patients. Some physicians are wounded in the medical training process and so this becomes a deterrent to their ability to heal themselves or their patients. Some of the best Western physicians have shamanic abilities and often put them to good use without realizing it. However, Western medicine has difficulty validating these nonobjective methods that are not easily measured. The portal to this alternative healing is the right brain, and, for this, we need to open the heart. We need more heart in our modern system and a little less intellect.”

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