Welcome to the Healing Heart Center Lending Library

The books in our collection  focus on metaphysical, spiritual, health, fitness, nutrition, self help, mental health, psychology, philosophy, women’s issues, relationships, communication, sexuality, history, some fiction and poetry.

Registration for the library  If you would like to check out books from our library we invite you to first fill out a registration card located on the center shelf. We will require your name, phone and email. 

Registrants will be placed on the Healing Heart Center’s email list. If you do not wish to receive emails of upcoming events and other news you may opt out of this however we do need your email in order to contact you in the case of overdue books.

Library Cards  Once you have registered simply pick out up to three books at a time. You may keep them for up to two weeks. If you would like to keep a book longer than two weeks, check to make sure your desired book is not on hold for someone else, as many books are popular. You may do this by looking at the list of books on hold below or on the shelf of the library marked accordingly.

Renewing Books  If the book is not on hold you may either come into the center to renew it or email us at [email protected] Give us the title, author and your name and we will reserve it for you for another two weeks.

Donations  We will be filled with gratitude if you have books within these subjects you would like to donate to our library. We simply ask that they be free of mold and mildew. You may leave them at the front desk with your name and contact information in case we need to get in touch with you. Thank you for your donation!

Books are due back two weeks from the date you check them out. Return books to the front desk or outside next to the front door if the center is closed. Email [email protected] to renew them if you can’t make it in.