Spiritual Counseling

Reverend Rochel Rittgers, Reverend Candice Kundert

Are you laying awake at night with an emptiness deep inside, and sense of disconnect that lingers on and on without relief. Spiritual counseling helps you find your own inner comfort.  It helps you find establish a sense of wholeness as it relates to your personal power and how you connect to a divine expression.  It helps you align with your beliefs  and find your place in the world. It helps  you uncover your soul purpose.

This service is for those that desire to explore deeper into their reason for being and integrating this with their current beliefs and lifestyle.

Our practitioners have a diverse background, studying and exploring many types of spiritual teachings, philosophies, metaphysics and types of meditation. They have a special interests in integrating science with spirituality and focusing on the similarities of the many spiritual philosophies around the world. Their inclusive perspective provides a foundation for exploring your questions in a supportive environment with the goal of helping you to find a path that suits your present perspective and desires.