Shamanic Energy Healing

Rona Galica, Steve and Angel Lyle

Shamanic healing is an ancient practice that has helped people throughout time all over the world. It is an integrative healing modality that can help relieve a variety of conditions. The general treatment serves remove energy blockages and to balance the energies of the chakras. removed.  This modality also investigates the root emotional causes for various issues to the client.  Shamanic energy healing can help to re-integrate fragmented aspects of self that may split due to trauma or remove negative energies that may be creating energetic wounds. It can provide you with a sense of empowerment through the recognition of spirit helpers and power animals.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a form of spirituality that is as old as human consciousness.  Some date it as far back as 40,000 years. Various forms of it are recorded and found in many indigenous cultures from all regions of the world.  The word Shaman, which is not gender specific, comes from eastern Siberia where Shamanism was prominent.  It means “to know.” A Shaman is described as one who “sees in the dark”, can see with “a strong eye”, or with their heart.  They are masters of energy and transformation.

Why Should I Try This?

A Shaman believes the causes of illness primarily come from three situations.

1. Loss of Power
2. Soul Loss
3. Spiritual Intrusion

Power Loss is best understood as becoming disconnected from our Power Animal (or Totem Animal, Guardian Angel or Spirit Helper).  In Shamanic understanding, whenever a baby is born, it receives at least one principal guardian spirit to watch over and guide him or her.  But over the course of time, if a person refuses to work with the intuitive/spiritual guidance the spirit provides, the Power Animal may simply go elsewhere to look for a human who will honor the connection.  That can leave the original person unprotected, open to what emerges as chronic illness or apparent chronic misfortune. Loss of Power is believed to cause all kinds of chronic problems including depression, illness, misfortune, hopelessness including feelings of suicide.

Soul Loss is caused by trauma. Part of the life force or life essence leaves, dissociates, in order to survive a traumatic experience. The loss of this life force creates a void which other things come in to fill, such as addictions to substances, behaviors, people, etc. It can leave one not connected as though observing reality.  Destructive repetitive behavior patterns, illness, immune system breakdown, feelings of being stuck, all stem from soul loss.  Excessive soul loss can lead to coma and death.

Spiritual Intrusion is another form of imbalance that is produced by negative thought forms and unresolved feelings.  These can literally become lodged in the body and manifest as localized illness and pain, ranging from a cold to cancer.

How can I begin to heal?

1.  We can begin by journeying together for a power animal.
2.  Removing unwanted intrusions, if necessary.
3.  Reconnecting you with parts of your soul which are hidden or lost.

The act of Soul and Power Animal retrieval reconnects a person to earth, spirit and themselves, giving the power back to the individual, and connecting them to the whole of creation.