Rochel Rittgers

Qigong (chee-gong) is a 5000 year old Chinese healing philosophy that utilizes the meridian or energy channel system. The philosophy behind this ancient practice is when your eight main channels and four reservoir channels are all open and energy is flowing through them smoothly in a balanced way you will experience good health mentally, physically and emotionally. In contrast when there is a blockage in any aspect of an energy channel, multiple areas of your physical body or your mental/emotional body will be effected.

Energy blockages are caused from our everyday circumstances. Emotions, poor nutrition, not enough exercise, our environment, seasonal changes, and injuries can cause blockages.

A Qigong practitioner utilizes the available energy in the environment to interact with your energy system to bring about dramatic effects in a limited time.

Qigong has proven effective in the prevention and cure of many diseases, even those considered incurable by others. Recent research at the Mayo Clinic showed reduction of chronic pain through the use of Qigong healing techniques. More research is underway.

The type of Qigong practiced by our practitioner is Spring Forest Qigong which is an advanced, simple and powerful form of Qigong developed by International Qigong Master, Master Chunyi Lin.  Master Lin has co-authored a chapter in a textbook used by Mayo Clinic Medical School classes and was honored by the International Qigong Society as International Qigong Master of the Year in 2012.

Sign up for a Qigong appointment today and walk away feeling transformed, with a sense of freedom of self both physically and emotionally; closer to the person you are intended to be.