Multiple Practitioner Approach

Multiple Practitioner Intensive Approach: Lionel Bowen,  Rona Galica, Candice Kundert, Rochel Rittgers, Steve & Angel Lyle, Sylvia Kroeger

The Healing Heart Center has pioneered this highly effective approach to jump-start you mind and body into health. Experience energy shifts, chakra alignment, trauma removal, pain relief and complete relaxation.

Two or more practitioners work with you simultaneously and synergistically, each bringing their own expertise to your healing experience. Throughout the treatment you lie back, relax, and enjoy the adventure.

Addressing your challenges using a variety of synchronized therapeutic practices bring healing from multiple perspectives. The core of your trauma and illness can be swiftly uncovered and removed resulting in significant relief from long-term emotional and physical afflictions.

Our personal and genetic history is recorded both in our memories and our physical body. The collective energies of the practitioners creates a healing path in the body-mind-spirit, combination, allowing the invisible threads that bind us to our past to unwind.

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