Rochel Rittgers

Kinesiology is a system of muscle testing which is used to help determine imbalances in the body. Imbalances which can lead to a deterioration of health. These imbalances can result from external or internal sources and can create physical, mental, emotional and/or electrochemical stresses.  Kinesiology can provide information regarding the cause of an imbalance and additional information regarding the best method for correction. It is a compilation of body work and energy work.

Allow us to take you through a systematic process to assess and realign each area of your body, mind and spirit. Bringing your body into alignment allows it to find its own healing and perfect health. There is no limit to what Kinesiology can do.

Suitable for:

Memory Enhancement
Pain (Chronic/Acute)
Performance Enhancement
Learning Disabilities
Past Trauma Release
Nutritional Support
Weight Management