Candice Kundert, Rochel Rittgers

Channeling is a way of  opening one’s higher consciousness in order to communicate with one’s angels and guides by “channeling” their energy in words that can be communicated through a person skilled and trained in such a way.  While everyone  has the ability to communicate with their higher consciousness, the practitioner in this field has worked to develop this skill.  In addition, the type of sense used to do their work varies from person to person.  They may be proficient in one or many of the following: they may see, hear, feel or intuitively know what messages are being communicated.

The practitioner may relate information that is helpful in a person’s healing, life purpose or life issues.  You will find that each one has his/ her own style, with different types of information to communicate.

Our practitioners are versed in their own style of channeling, specializing in deep relaxation, emotional release, and cross dimensional communication.  We also bring in outside practitioners such as Carl Davis, Toni WinningerRobert Dubiel and other channeling practitioners on a regular basis.

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