Helen Buckley, L.B.S.W.

Posted January 19th, 2011 in Staff by Candice

Happy Feet

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Certified Reflexologist, Young Living Essential Oils, Herbs

Helen is a certified Reflexology practitioner who works compassionately serving others by providing relaxation, easing pain and promoting better sleep.

Throughout her life she has been on a spiritual quest seeking various energetic healing methods.  She has been using Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils; finding it amazing how quickly they work to bring relaxation and comfort.  Essential Oils have been used since ancient times in Egypt, China and other countries.

Helen’s love of nature and interest in knowing the various uses of plants initiated her study in Herbology. She says plants offer much more than beauty and fragrance, she says even so-called weeds have significant medicinal uses.

She and her family live in the country and have an organic garden with many varieties of fruits and vegetables, plus 15 varieties of herbs.

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